Biting Toddlers - 8 Tips For Dealing With Biting Toddlers

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You have this wonderful smiling, happy child and suddenly you have a biting toddler, they clamp their teeth down on you or someone else. You are absolutely horrified and embarrassed to catch your kid biting another human being, or heaven forbid, the family dog. It may bite back...

Common Occurrence

Even though this is a common occurrence in children this age, it can come as quite a surprise and what do you do about it? The normal reasons for your biting toddlers are frustration, being tired, hungry, or just feeling overwhelmed by it all. At this age, they don't have much going on in language skills and at times they have frustration in expressing themselves in an understandable fashion. This is where the frustration comes in to the picture.

The first thing you must know is that you need to act firmly and without hesitation in this scenario, toddlers cannot be allowed to continue this behavior for obvious reasons. Not all toddlers will bite, but if you have one that does, deal with it swiftly. Following are a few tips in dealing with biting toddlers

  • Understand that your children do not have the communication skills to effectively express themselves to you at all times. This causes frustration to the kid. Try to read your child and understand what they are trying to communicate to you.
  • Try to keep a regular routine for your kids, especially nap time, so being tired doesn't come into the equation.
  • Keep a lot of healthy snacks around to abate hunger in your child, this can be a source of biting toddlers.
  • Be sure and firmly, by voice tone and expressions that this behavior is definitely not allowed.
  • If your child is exhibiting this behavior, remove the kid from the area immediately and let them know that type of behavior is forbidden.
  • This is a no brainer, but it must be said, never, never bite your child back. Biting toddlers are one thing, this behavior in adults are another matter entirely.
  • Work with your child as much a possible in building good communication skills.
  • Give your child as much attention as they may need.

The key to minimizing and eliminating the biting toddlers behavior is to understand why it is happening in the first place and to quickly deal with the situation in a decisive manner. The tips above will help you with biting toddlers, but to learn more that we have room for in this short article, please visit the link below.

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Biting Toddlers - 8 Tips For Dealing With Biting Toddlers

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This article was published on 2010/03/27