The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

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Outdoor toys can entertain your child for hours, and help them to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. If you have more than one child, good quality outdoor toys can be an investment that will provide years of enjoyment for your whole family.

When shopping for outdoor toys for your toddler, you should consider all your options. Look for quality toys that will stand up to the elements and satisfy your child. Consider your child's interests, and choose accordingly.

Here are a few must have toys to get you started:

1. T-Ball Set. Toddlers lack the coordination to hit a baseball if it is "pitched" to them, but a t-ball set allows event the smallest child to score a home run! T-ball sets for toddlers feature oversized bats and balls, and a stand that is just the right size for little sluggers.

2. Ride on Vehicle. Whether battery powered, or kid powered, your child will have a blast driving his or her own vehicle, just like the "grown ups" do. In addition to offering hours of fun, ride on toys help your child with dexterity and coordination, too.

3. Bouncy House. A bouncy house will get those little legs working! Children that play outdoors burn off lots of excess energy, and a bouncy house will allow even the youngest toddler a chance to jump and bounce without fear of falling or injury.

4. Pretend Tools or Kitchen Sets. Consider a mini tool bench, or mini kitchen set for your toddler. Choose a set that is suited for your child's age group, and you can be sure the accessories will be sized just right for his little hands. Kids love emulating mom and dad, and this type of play set encourages imaginative pretend play as well.

5. An inflatable trampoline with safety sides. A regular trampoline is a safety hazard for small children, so offer your child an inflatable trampoline, instead. Inflatables blow up quickly, and have high sides, so your toddler can bounce to her heart's content, without fear of falling off.

6. Swimming Pool. A toddler sized swimming pool can be the perfect outdoor toy for summer. Look for a set with appealing features, and if you live in a very hot climate, consider one with a "roof" to shield your toddler from the sun. The pool you choose for your toddler doesn't have to be large to be fun-most toddlers prefer a small pool with only a few inches of water. Never let your toddler play in a pool unattended-even a small pool can be a safety hazard to a small child.

7. Sandbox. A sandbox is suitable for many ages, and can be used by multiple children at one time. Stock your sandbox with great accessories, and be sure to choose a box with a lid, to keep your sand clean and ready to use.

8. A toddler slide. Your toddler may be too small to use the "big kid" slide. By getting a toddler slide, you provide your child the opportunity to practice sliding on a smaller scale. Climbing the ladder, sitting down, and sliding help your toddler practice her large motor skills as well.

Whatever toys you choose, assemble them carefully, and show your child how to use them. By offering an array of fun outdoor toys to choose from, you encourage your child to engage in activities that will keep them fit and healthy for a lifetime.

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The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

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This article was published on 2010/03/28