Toddler Behavior - Any Hope For Figuring Out Toddler Behavior?

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The Terrible Twos - Will I Keep My Hair?

For the majority of parents, toddler behavior will definitely be an issue in your life at some point. These are often times called the "terrible twos". If you've ever been through this period with your child, you will definitely know it. We will be exploring the common root causes of toddler behavior issues and hope fully be able to touch on how to begin to rectify these issues.

Vocabulary Increases

Generally speaking, between the ages of 1-1/2 and 2 years old, the majority of children begin speaking words, but they are able to understand much more than they are able to speak. These toddlers may know what they want, but they have a difficult time expressing it to you, the parent, with their limited vocabulary. when we, as the parent do not respond to our toddlers wishes, the result may very well be a temper tantrum. Your child is frustrated. This is a very normal result. Imagine yourself trying to tell somebody what you want, but they seemingly just continue to ignore you, very frustrating indeed...

Poor Toddler Behavior and Communication

The main aspect in dealing with poor toddler behavior is communication. If you don't understand what your child is trying to tell you, don't be hesitant to just go ahead and pick them up and say "show mw", "show me what you want". More often than not, your child exhibiting poor toddler behavior is due to your child not getting something they want and not being able to communicate with you what it is that they want.

Refrain From "NO"

Maybe your child wants to play with something that you will not allow, maybe your fine china, or something dangerous to the safety of your kid. Of course, you're not going to let them play with these types of things. But, instead of just saying "no", you might try using a method of distraction instead of using the all too familiar to a child word "no". Most toddlers do not have very long attention spans, so pick up one of their toys and see if you can distract them away from the dangerous or delicate item that you would rather they not play with.

One Of Two Ways To Better Toddler Behavior

The majority of toddler behavior issues can be resolved in one of two ways. First and foremost, better and attentive listening by you the parent. If you truly try to understand what your toddler is trying to tell you, you will begin to get much better at interpreting exactly what they are trying to tell you. Secondly, generally speaking, logic is not a good choice when it comes to your toddlers terrible twos. It takes until your child is about 4 years old before you can realistically use logic with your child. To learn more about the wonderful world of toddler behavior, follow the link below.

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Toddler Behavior - Any Hope For Figuring Out Toddler Behavior?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27