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Books are one of the best kinds of educational toys that you can get for your children. They can stir up your kid's curiosity, creativity and even their critical thinking. If you are planning to invest on a number of children's books for your little ones, then it is highly advisable that you buy a durable toddler bookshelf as well.

Toddler bookshelves allow you to keep your kid's books in an organized storage space. Aside from that, it helps keep books in good condition. So for those of you who are planning to buy childrens bookshelves, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The Form

The most important concern to have when it comes to choosing the right form of childrens bookshelves is stability. You would want your shelf to be as stable as possible to avoid any kind of accident. So find a form with a strong and stable base that can accommodate enough weight without it tipping over or collapsing. There is also the danger of toddlers climbing up the shelf, so pick a design that you can secure to the wall to avoid the entire thing from falling over.

The Size

This is basically what makes toddler a bookshelf different from the ordinary shelves. Kid's bookshelves are made especially to fit their small sizes. So if you are shopping for this kind of furniture, bring your kid along so you can get the size and shelf length that they are comfortable with. A good sized toddler bookshelf should have 3 shelves, spaced at a distance that can accommodate larger and bulkier books. Again, toddlers and kids have a tendency to climb up the top shelf so to avoid this from ever happening, find book shelves that are short enough for them to reach the top shelf without climbing.

The Design

A good toddler bookshelf does not really have to come in bright and vibrant colors. All you need to do is fill them with equally colorful and interesting books and the entire furniture will look just as attractive. A simple but durable white or brown wooden shelf can be perfect. But if you still want the more elaborately designed pieces, then there are also plenty of them in stores.

The Price

A toddler bookshelf is not at all an expensive investment. There are plenty of simple but durable pieces that will not cost you over a hundred dollars. More elaborate and branded pieces however, can be more costly. So basically, you'll never have a hard time looking for a good piece whether you are in a tight budget or not.

Safety Measures

As mentioned before, find book cases with the right length and width and a stable base to avoid it from tipping over. But aside from that, look for pieces that do not have pointed edges as well. If possible, find shelves that have rubberized sides for added safety.

A toddler bookshelf can also make a beautiful heirloom that you can pass on to your kids; and from them to their children. So invest in a durable and beautiful piece for your little ones to use.

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Toddler Bookshelf

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This article was published on 2011/06/25